The best way ever to earn miles: 3,000 miles for a getting a massage!

[2017/1/19 update] 

This is by far the best way ever how you can earn miles for a free flight: by getting a massage! I know it sounds like a joke, but it is very real :-) 


I went there last month already and I booked four appointments at massage parlors in Tokyo and Kanagawa for the end of the year again. I know of no better way how I could earn my miles. In case you don't collect miles, you can convert the points into cash as well, although the exgange ratio for miles is almost double. You can either choose 3,000 miles or 3,240 Yen. Whatever you do, you won't regret it!








This is how you do it!


When I went there last month, I chose back massage for 45 minutes. I could have also selected a foot massage, head mssage or whatever there is available at the thousands of massage parlors throught Japan. That is another excellent thing about this campaign: how can chose the shop you want to go, when you want to go, how much you are good to spend and what type of massage you would like to receive! Chances are zero you will ever regret applying for this campaign :-)


Make sure the massage you will get costs at least 3,000 excl. tax, as this is one condition for the campaign. Another is, that you can only visit one shop one time, so if you want to get more than one massage, make sure you visit different shops. 


Update: from January 4th on, it is only possible to take part in the EPark campaign once. Before it was as often as you wanted, so that's sad. But still a very good deal for everybody, who didn't go yet.


You need to apply for the campaign ethrough points sites. Currently, Hapitasu has the best deal with 3,000 miles for a massage, followed by Chobirichi with 2,700 miles for a massage. You can register for these points sites free of charge and get even a small bonus, if you register through one of the links below. If you decide not to do anything after you registered there, it is fine, you will not be charged anything. 



If you register through the links above, you will get a small bonus, which is 250 Yen or 225 miles.




What are points sites and are there any risks?


Point sites are sites on the internet that run campaign for various products and services. Besides the campaign described in this article, you can apply for credit cards, eat at reastaurants or shop on Yahoo or Rakuten and receive bonus points, which you will only get, if you do it via these points sites. The companies that run their campaigns on these point sites try to attract a new spectrum of potential customers, so they offer great bonuses. They only do it there, because people who already know of the service or product or even the product site, don't need to be made aware of, at least not with such high rewards.


 You can read my article on how to earn up to 20,000 miles or more per month, using these point sites. Risks are fairly low, but you got to do research, on whether there are conditions on getting your points through these sites (eg: spend more than 3,000 Yen for the massage, etc.)





Visiting a massage parlor: report (in Japanese)